Cake or pie?

CAKE! Chocolate cake at that. There is just something about the way it smells and looks – so decadent. Also, if the cake is chocolate but the frosting isn’t I don’t think you can consider it “chocolate cake,”  not really.

 My current favorite is Tuxedo Cake from Raley’s. Not a chocolate cake, I know, but it has enough chocolatey goodness to fulfill my needs. The cake is spongy and dense and it has a layer of chocolate mousse, a layer of cream cheese filling and it’s topped off with a thick layer of chocolate fudge.  

However, the best cake I’ve ever had was my wedding cake. I don’t even remember all the flavors it had but it certainly had chocolate and chocolate ganache. My husband’s daughter made it for us. Most brides obsess every detail of the cake but when S offered to make the cake I knew I was in good hands. My only requests were that it have at least one layer of chocolate and that is be square. As you can see below, she went above and beyond my expectations.  We froze the top tier and had it on our first anniversary and it was just as good then as it was on the day we were married.

 Even with these wonderful cake experiences under my belt, I am not above eating chocolate cake out of a small plastic container from Safeway. Oooh, and don’t even get me started on brownies!


P.S. I didn’t chicken out on my sewing project. We are doing a small remodel and the power is off to my craft room, so no sewing for me today. However, I did work on a really fun project that I will share soon.

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  1. Ooooh, I’ve got to go pie here, for sure. I’ve never been a cake person, except cheesecake maybe?


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