Obligatory Halloween Pictures

I’m a mom so today’s post will mainly consist of my kids in their Halloween costumes.

 On Saturday we took the girls to the Halloween carnival at my nephew’s school. I was afraid that Fern was going to be overwhelmed by all the activity. She was at first but she soon got used to it and she jumped right in with all the other kids. She was constantly in motion so I only got a few good pictures.My sister took this picture of Fern pumpkin bowling. You can see that Amelia is dying to give it a try too.Yesterday Amelia helped me get the candy ready for the trick-or-treaters while Fern was taking her nap. That is as close as she got to actually tasting candy. (Yes, that is my husband behind her. Yes, I will show his face…tomorrow)Here is Fern in her Olivia the pig costume. Kids are so much more comfortable if their costume is made out of actual clothes so the only thing that is costume-y are the ears.Amelia went dressed as a dinosaur. My sister lent me the costume that my nephew, Michael, wore for his first Halloween. I managed to get a few pictures of them together.SistersAfter that we went out trick-or-treating. They both had a great time. Fern’s favorite part was knocking on people’s doors and getting to see inside their houses (she takes after her mama) and Amelia’s favorite part was getting to ride on Daddy’s shoulders the whole (no picture of the, unfortunately)

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