Ten Moore Things •round 2

1. I love my last name. My married name that is. I love being able to say my last name to people and they say it back and spell it to me and they get it right. I also love being married and my last name is a reminder of the commitment we made. My maiden name was difficult to spell and even more difficult to pronounce. Maraviov. Muh-raw-vee-ove

2. I bought lavender-scented hand soap. I am usually not a big fan of lavender-scented products but this one is very sweet smelling and I’m really loving it.

3. Fern found my tea ball and thought it was an ornament.

4. I put Amelia in Fern’s chair at the dining table. I think she knew she looked like a big girl.

5. I planted beets the other day and I was surprised by what the seeds looked like.6. Fern tried my glasses on today. She looks like a teenager with them on.

7. I got the plushie I ordered from iviebaby. He (she) sure is cute. I can’t wait to give it to Amelia for Christmas. I guess we will figure out its gender when it gets a name.

8. I found these adorable bee boots for Fern at Ross. I truly couldn’t resist them.

9. I finally realized today that when I tell Fern, “I know,” all she hears is NO. No wonder she gets so grouchy when I say it. #handforehead

10. I found this blog that has tons of free printables for paper toys.


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  1. Fact: Bears eat beets.

    Your house looks so clean in the background of these pictures. I’m always taking pictures, then get depressed because there’s a big old mess in the background. Well done you.

    • If bears eat beets then what eats lemon balm? I get pretty creative when it comes to taking pictures, in the kitchen especially. Plus, I’ve been trying to get the house clean for Christmas.

  2. I truely love your blog! I read it each day. You inspire me to update mine!

  3. I totally agree about the clean house – that was my first thought too! Loving the iviebaby plushie. *need babies soon so I can buy cute shit like this* :)

    • I call it deceptive photography;-) You could start a hope chest (just don’t let your man see it) or you could buy stuff for people who have babies the you see often.


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