I love my blog. While it is not quite all that I know it can be, I still enjoy it. I started my blog so I could share parts of my life. Also, I hoped that someone would see a project or recipe I posted and have the courage to try something new too. In the beginning I tried to post fairly regularly. Once the holidays came I all but stopped. Now that we are well into the new year my posts are still infrequent. They are going to stay that way for a while. I am still trying new recipes and new projects but I am also working on getting healthy and organized. In order to achieve my health and fitness goals I am trying a few things. I signed up for a whole foods online workshop. I know how to eat healthy I just haven’t been lately and sometimes it’s easier to get going if someone lays out a plan of action for you. I’ve also started going to a gym called Crossfit. It’s not like any gym I’ve ever been to. They don’t have treadmills and elliptical machines, they have huge truck tires, chin-up bars, and kettlebells. They focus on getting stronger and faster instead of skinnier which requires a more intense workout than I’ve ever done. I already feel stronger which I am loving and I am looking forward to getting even stronger still. Either that or it will kill me. Joking… sort of. Now, as far as getting organized I decided to start with keeping my house respectable looking on a regular basis and throwing junk away as I come across it. When I am satisfied with the amount of stuff I have gotten rid of I will then be better able to put it in order. I figure that there is no point in finding a place for something that will be leaving my house anyway. I found this on Pinterest and it definitely makes me feel a lot less overwhelmed when it comes to the housework. I am still working on my list and I’ve actually been able to cross one more thing off of it. I will share that soon.

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  1. oh I want to try crossfit with you. I have heard a lot of good things about it, but never been. May I go with you sometime?

    • I would love that! I haven’t started taking classes with everyone else yet but they have an open invitation for a free Saturday workout which I would love for you to try with me:-)

  2. Jeff goes to Crossfit and loves it! But yes, I think he’s concerned they will kill him.

    And I agree on purging and decluttering. I’m working on that too. For toys, I heard this tip: when you find a toy you don’t think your kids will miss, hide it in the garage for a few weeks and see if they notice. If they don’t, it goes. It’s working great for us.

  3. I just tried Crossfit for the first time last week and loved it!!! Even being super sore for 3 days after, I still loved it! How are you liking it so far? I’m looking to sign up permanently this week :)

    • I’m really enjoying it! I’m not quite ready for the group classes, I’m still working one on one with a trainer. I was super sore last week so I did a yoga video on netflix “for aches and pains”, it helped a lot.


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